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Twitter & the Trancefamily were on fire this week after Dash Berlin tweeted:

Just heard that I will not be playig at #ASOT600 🙁

Armin seemed surprised and publicly said he would check out what was going on. Then Armin stated:

I just spoke to my agent and we’ve NEVER offered any other DJ more money than this time. Why @Dashberlin ? And why do you play it like this?

Twitter hell broke loose and a gazillion of both cheesy and clever Cash Berlin memes flooded the internet.



No of course there is no beef between Armin and Dash. Agreements have long been signed. Money has been transferred – But to cause an extra steer and get the news trending, TEAM ARMADA did something that was previously only known to rappers: Create a fake beef that will ultimately make it to the mainstream media.

The beef was reported in one of Holland’s biggest papers, Sp!ts:

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Instead of paying hard cash for advertising campaigns online, ARMADA, Dash and Armin just got themselves a new stream of FREE publicity.

Still the memes and Youtube vids were pretty funny!

So thanks Armada, Dash and Armin for the laughs!

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