Wu Tang Clan Penis

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Sources close to the situation in Hollywood tell us WU-TANG affiliated rapper Andre Johnson cut off his own penis and jumped from a Los Angeles apartment building after learning the details about the concept of TRAP MUSIC. Johnson was seriously injured, but survived the fall from the second level of the building in North Hollywood, Los Angeles Police Sgt. William Mann said. According to witnesses on the scene, Johnson was on a Skype call with label bosses when he was told his contract would not be renewed. TRAP, as the label bosses explained, made the lyrical geniuses of rap music useless. There is no more place for rappers in this industry. Party people nowadays merely want festival-ready beats with big drops. Vocal samples are taken from old records or videos to the effect labels and producers don’t have to deal with royalty-hungry rappers. As Johnson was listening to the explanation, he grew visibly agitated – and finally, as a measure of protest, decided to cut off his own penis in front of the Skyping label bosses to make a statement. However, he didn’t realize it would hurt THAT bad, and subsequently he jumped off the balcony in pain. As he was rushed to the hospital, a young kid found the penis somewhere on the side walk and brought it to the hospital to a delighted Johnson. And Johnson said to him:

“Damn Son, Where’d You Find This?!”

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