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Danceproducer.net is the International Network for dance producers. The goal of the website is to develop producers within dance from house to hardcore, we have no boundaries!

Danceproducer.net had got great tutorials for every producer; FL Studio, Ableton Cubase and more are some of the tutorials we explain.

Danceproducer.net will also have some great ‘studio interviews’ with the best producers of the world. They will tell you how they work and how they got successful. Also they will show you some interesting producing techniques and tricks.

Danceproducer.net will also have interviews with A&R managers of all kinds of exciting labels. The A&R managers is the most important person for you because he or she needs to listen to your music. How can you get the attention, what is important to know and how is an A&R manager dealing with demo’s. These interviews will definitely help you to get better respons from labels or to learn what you sould do to get a release.

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Danceproducer.net has got a unique rating & reports function in their user accounts. You can easily ‘embed’ your track from Youtube or Soundcloud and distribute them to your friends, groups or labels you would like to get feedback from. Tracks can be rated and also you will get quality feedback from others. This will help you to develop your producing skills, because you will know what other people or labels think of your tracks.

Danceproducer.net will also involve you in great remixing contents and lotteries where you can win great prizes. All you need to do is get active by giving quality feedback to other members and you will earn points which you can use to join a lottery.

Danceproducer.net would like to be your network to success, so get involved!




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