Julian Collet

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After hitting 1 million streams on his flagship release ‘Outta Time’, ‘Strangers’ is the third single off an upcoming EP where Julian pushes the boundaries of electronic music. 

Julian’s music stays completely analogue during creation by mixing his melodic techno roots with electronica vibes. Using almost half a decade-old equipment, Julian creates a fusion of Techno and Electronica that’s clearly living and breathing the here and now. Always within his very own, unique sound.

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Video credit: Alex Darovskey

‘Strangers’ tells a story of life-changing moments brought together by chance. Combined with his almost hypnotic vocal, this song invites you on an intense and mesmerizing journey through the world of electronic sounds. With John Greenham (Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Gorgon City) putting this finishing touches on the song, ‘Strangers’ is the perfect mysterious yet intense kick-off for Julian Collet’s 2022.


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