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Senior Advisor’s album ‘Whispers from the Past’ is a welcome surprise for everyone who loves chill techno beats with gentle melodic twists and turns.

Produced in a studio with the classic gear, you can hear the craftmanship and dedication.

Senior Advisor perfectly blends atmospheric pads with subtle arpeggios while taking into account to pull in the listener on a longer journey. Excellent stuff for those dark sweaty rooms.

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Some favorites are Bass Modular Heaven with its funky layers and pristine sound.

We don’t know if Dark Rytm is named after the famous Elektron beatbox, but we love it!

Senior Advisor grew up in the Swedish techno scene in the 90s and has been immersed in it since then. His interest in the genre and technology is what led him to begin his journey as a music producer. He gave himself the name ‘Senior Advisor‘ from his years working as an advisor for entrepreneurs in the tech industry. Since then he has released a string of singles and is now preparing for the launch of ‘Whispers from the Past’.

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