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Promoted Post Bannerkiskadee, the moniker of London-based producer and composer Jack Chown, has swiftly emerged as a prominent figure in the electronic music scene. With a background enriched by collaborations with artists like Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Tycho Jones, and engineering work for Jessie Ware, M.I.A, and HAELOS, Kisakdee’s transition from behind-the-scenes maestro to centre-stage has been seamless. His music—a blend of emotive melodies, intricate beats, and lush soundscapes—reflects a deep dedication to crafting immersive auditory experiences.

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kiskadee has flourished as one of the UK’s most promising new talents since the launch of his debut EP, Home, in 2021. He has been featured by the likes of Complex and Clash – the latter describing him as a ‘little known tour de-force’

Following the release of his acclaimed Believe In Love EP last year, kiskadee’s debut album A Room To Breathe will be landing later this year, with the lead EP U / Euphoric Recall out now on the UK independent label Another Rhythm.

Featuring the vocals of Cape Cub (Chad Male), U was the first track created for the album as a test of re-visiting old projects before he holed up in a studio in Iceland for the rest of the album, surrounded by snow, breathtaking vistas and very little else. “I really wanted to capture the dual worlds of organic and electronic in this” he says of his process. “It totally informed the rest of the album”.

Euphoric Recall features vocals from Benjamin Francis Leftwich, transposed into a synth and layered up with strings and other ambient textures. This was the first track written in Iceland, with its glassy textures and cinematic scope beautifully evoking the sense of space he found in the environment.

The title of kiskadee’s forthcoming album A Room To Breathe comes from therapeutic nature of his time spent in Iceland time there, locked into the studio by the snow outside and able to find freedom in the blank canvas that an album project offers. It also encapsulates themes of finding inner peace and meaning within everyday life.

U / Euphoric Recall is out now on Another Rhythm. Further details about the album will be announced in the coming weeks.


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The release of his Believe In Love in 2023 marked a significant milestone, showcasing his ability to weave personal stories with universal emotions through sound, with lead single Hypna exemplifying his talent for creating tracks that are not only sonically pleasing but also rich in emotional depth. His unique approach to electronic music, combining elements of house, ambient, and down-tempo genres, has garnered critical acclaim, not least of which was an invitation to host his own Lose Yourself mix on BBC 6 Music.

kiskadee’s music stands out for its artful balance of electronic precision and human warmth, positioning him as an innovative force within the electronic music community. His contributions, both as a producer and an engineer, have cemented his reputation as a versatile and visionary artist in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music.




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