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Promoted Post BannerSomna holds the distinction of being the highest-ranked Canadian trance and progressive DJ and producer. Not only is he a proficient songwriter, but he’s also the co-founder of AVA Records, alongside Andy Moor. Within the electronic dance music (EDM) scene, Somna has earned acclaim for his diverse contributions, displaying his skill in producing and remixing tracks across various sub-genres of trance. His debut album, “Beside You,” received critical acclaim, serving as a testament to his eclectic musical talent.

Somna’s shows mix old-school techniques with the latest technology, captivating crowds worldwide at events like Global Gathering and Dreamstate. Praised by leading DJs like Armin Van Buuren, his remixing prowess shines in collaborations with Markus Schulz and Lange. Notably, his evident enthusiasm for collaborating with vocalists stands out in his discography.

Adara, one of those vocalists, naturally caught Somna’s attention again, with her contribution to “Invisible” by XiJaro & Pitch, who had previously delivered a stellar remix of Somna’s own track, “Stars Collide.” Inspired by their amazing work, Somna decided to craft his remix of “Invisible,” infusing it with his signature style. What set this remix apart was Somna’s personal touch—he recorded himself playing the guitar for the first time. A delightful twist on the most successful track from XiJaro & Pitch’s album ‘Chasing Dreams.’ This remix, slightly slower than the original but dancefloor-oriented, maintains its emotional essence throughout. Head to the streaming platforms and choose which one you like more:


01. XiJaro & Pitch with Adara – Invisible (Somna Remix)
02. XiJaro & Pitch with Adara – Invisible (Somna Extended Remix)

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